Hi fightingirls fans!!!

We had trouble with our cameras, but now we are back, we have many videos that you will surely enjoy, including older material with girls that are not even wrestling anymore and who were quite popular in the past!

but for now, we will give you some videos we just shot…

we will start with a match between Black Tiger and Mutiny…They had a rivalry for the past 6 years…
Pamela is VERY strong and Mutiny is sed…who will be better in a pro wrestling match? I guess it depends who fights dirty!

well, we will also have another camera angle soon…

we are making some adjustments and the videos are going to be amazingly good!

Hope you will enjoy the match!




Fighter of the week!!! NAJA!

1267955_575806492479188_1232895996_oAge : 18

Height :5’5

Weight : 120lbs

Available for custom videos : YES

Specialties : Wrestling/ grappling, semi comp, competitive.

Naja started to wrestle a few months ago and she’s already wrestling the tops female wrestler in Montreal! She had many victories and a few losses, but she’s still getting better and she wants to be the best out there! She wants to win, she’s a 100% competitive and her skills are improving every fight!
She was also willing to fight in chocolate and oil last week end which surprised everyone there! She’s more of an aggressive fighter, and we never thought we would see her in that type of match! She did great! and the video will be available soon!

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FG-102 Dayana Dhaiti vs Naja FULL VIDEO

102Dayana Dhaiti is a newcomer while naja as been in the business for several months. Both girls are quite competitive and they both want to win. Dayana is giving everything she has. They started with arm wrestling (both hands) ad they are both really strong!!! During the match you can see that Naja clearly knows more holds and how to get out of them, but Dayana is still 100% competitive. At one point, she was able to take control because she started the fall with some lift and carry with naja. She took her over her shoulder and even did squats. after that she gained control for a while, but Naja came back in force! Schoolgirl, scissors, chokes, locks, GREAT action!!!! Both girls really wants to make the other one submit! The gif image doesnt seem clear but its because we made it ourselves, the quality of the video is very good!!! not blurry at all!!! and of course, amazing action!
Length: 14 minutes
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FG-103 Melody Spetko vs Pamela THE FULL MATCH

103So many people asked for the full match! this match is already on clips4sale, but in different parts! This is the ENTIRE match! Very intense wrestling, pro moves, pro style, pro wrestling, with LIFT and CARRY, intense ground wrestling. Pamela is so strong and she finally meets an opponent that is also very strong and able to lift her easily!! They wrestled until one of them couldnt do it anymore…. They started with arm wrestling and after a minute, one of them won! the other one got tired, but it was very close!!!! They used pro moves, but also scissors and different types of lifts!
Length: 28 minutes

FG-105 Amrita vs Dave (Total domination by Amrita)

1052PART 1 : Mistress Amrita is known for her wrestling skills AND her domination career. What she does the best is the mix between wrestling and domination. You can see in her eyes, in her smile that she loves what shes doing. She is enjoying inflicting pain, she just loves being in control. Dave didnt know what he got himself into.She made sure his shoulders were on the ground most of the time, taking total control over his body, and he was totally helpless. She’s 5’6 125lbs and still, she’s the dominant one….scissors, pins

PART 2 : shes just destorying him with several holds. Long reverse head scissors, body scissors, boston crab, ankle locks, figure four leg lock, chokes, and several leg locks mixed with chokes and stretching, Dave is totally helpless and he’s obviously in pain…

1051PART 3 : Poor Dave is still screaming, in pain, and the humiliation continues. Camel clutch, scissors, schoolgirl pin, arm stretching, arm bars, hammer locks, side neck scissors, she’s keeping the holds for a long time so she can look at him suffering. You can see in her face that shes proud of what shes doing, she enjoys seeing him in pain, she loves when hes totally helpless, you can see it in her smile…

PART4 : at this point, hes not only in pain, not only humiliated, but I think he’s starting to get scared of her. Her skills are amazing, her technique is perfect. She is playing with him. His just a toy to her. She’s doing whatever she wants with his body. She didnt stop there. She did a reverse head scissors, several arm stretched and locks, another boston crab, another figure four leg lock, choked him, made him choke himself with his own arms, she totally destroyed him. She even got him in a arm bar and just washed her boots in his face. She finally stood there, on top of him, washing her boots on his body. he couldnt move, couldnt continue the fight. There is a reason why shes one of the most known domiatrix out there, its because shes the best! (Part 4 : 13 min of a 55 min match)





MW-381 Mutiny vs Naja Full Video

381FULL VIDEO Part 1 Naja is so sexy in her blue-purple booty shorts and her black bikini top…she reminds me of pamela from fightingirl! She so pretty, so naturally muscular and strong! She was a fighter in her country and came here to obviously kick everybody’s ass! She is very confident, very proud and she knows shes in control. She can also smile like a little girl when she gest me in her holds! We exchanged a lot of holds, but she was quicker than me. At the end of this part, we are releasing a hold because we both agreed too. we didnt want to hurt the other one, but we both had a great ankle lock! Part 2 This cute girl is a tough cookie. She is quick! she got me in the quickest arm bar Ive ever been in! she got me straight on my stomach and I couldnt move! I almost got her several times, but this fast little thing was always escaping my holds. Im starting to get quite upset but I made sure it didnt show. She was still confident and smiling and I wanted to destroy her… Part 3 You can see in the last part that Im starting to lose it completly. Im still trying to smile, but the smile is fake. You can see im about to snap. She told me in the previous part if my arm needed a kiss to make it feel better. In that part shes still laughing at me because of that…the more and more she makes me submit, the more Im getting angry. I finally lost it. It had to happen, she was way too cocky and at my place! working for me!! I mean, come on new girl! so I got her in a rear naked choke and made her…well…just a little dizy. enough for her to stay on the floor for a while and stop bugging me!  Length : 12 minutes

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MW-392 pamela the Black Tiger LIFTING and Carrying Mutiny (+ Pro style) FULL VIDEO

Mutiny WrestlingFULL VIDEO Part 1 : Im a victim. Im her prey. She is playing with me as she wants. Lifting me, carrying me, torture rack, over the shoulder carry, bearhugs, piledrivers, etc. Im telling you, im her toy. Im begging her as much as I can, but shes got no mercy….AT ALL. banging me in the walls, laughing at me, slaping my face…I couldnt do anything.Part 2 : Lifting me, carrying me, torture rack, over the shoulder carry, bearhugs, piledrivers, banging my head on the wall, pulling my hair etc. shes got no mercy….AT ALL. Im begging and begging and trying…but there is nothing i can do. Im on the ground, sitting, but all confused and shes there, standing up, smiling and posing for the camera, showing her muscles…
Length: 11 minutes

MW-393 Mutiny vs Pamela the Black Tiger Full Video

393Full Video Part 1. We are both wearing one piece swinsuit and as usual, Pamela is very confident. She is very strong and very powerful, but Im quicker and Im skilled. The thing is, I rarely agree to competitive matches so most people dont even know I know a lot way to escape and a lot of holds! Well, Pamela didnt know it either. This match is semi comp to competitive and we both want to win. I dont know why, but when I make her give up with a hold, she always has in mind to make me give up with the same hold after! Intense wrestling, back and forth, but I still have the upper hand! Part 2. in the second part we are really even… sexy scissors, im upside down since shes trying to pick me up but she couldnt take the pressure of my legs around her neck…I then flipped her over me and got her in a bodyscissors, she was in pain, and she made me pay for it right after. Great cleavage with my one piece swimsuit and at one point, my nipple is out! Part 3. I got the upper hand in the last part, she worked really hard but I managed to get out of her holds. I teased her a lot and you can see shes pissed at me! I got her in bodyscissors, lotus hold (that one got her really pissed), a grapevine but her legs are really strong so it was harder for me to keep it. I managed to escape her famous body scissors! and at the end im asking her how does it feel to pretend to be the best wrestler in Montreal while shes having me on top of her while shes helpless, on her back! I think she’ll want to fight me again!
Length: 11 minutes